Face Frame Cabinetry

Did you know? 

Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry Ltd is one of the only cabinet shops in Alberta that offers Inset Face-Frame Cabinets. Admired in modern and traditional design, face frame cabinetry provides an unmatched high-end and luxury look. It delivers a furniture-like appearance that elevates the design of a home and sets it apart from the ordinary. Unlike standard frame or frameless cabinetry, inset face frame cabinet doors are set into the cabinet frame, resting flush with the cabinet when closed and leaving the entire frame exposed. Face-Frame cabinets can have exposed or concealed hinges however, since the doors rest flat with the rest of the cabinet they require a pull, knob or TipOn hardware to open. This labour-intensive style requires an incredibly precise and skilled installer since the fittings are so exact. Consequently, the price for face frame cabinets is higher than other styles of custom cabinetry; however, when done professionally, the smooth and clean aesthetics of inset fame frame cabinetry is worth the higher price tag. As this style of cabinet does provide less actual storage space compared to other cabinetry styles, it is usually reserved for homes that can compensate for less storage in each cabinet by including more cabinetry in their homes overall design. Indisputably, inset face frame cabinets display true custom craftsmanship and refine the design of any home.