Architectural Millwork

Hand in hand we work with you to give your ...

master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, great room or basement an added sense of custom artistry. When you choose to build with us, you are giving us your vision to make into a customized reality. We don’t simply build cabinets and millwork; we build relationships too. Every aspect – from design, to fabrication, to installation – every component is catered to you and your home. We work closely with you, every step of the way, to ensure your design goals are honoured and your vision is delivered.

Precision to details is essential.

All of our millwork packages are tailor-made for the individual design inspirations unique to each client. Using isometric drawings, three-dimensional drawings, and CAD renderings, we paint virtual pictures of custom designs to ensure that our client’s ideas and visions are fulfilled and that we always deliver the most beautiful architectural millwork.

Why Choose Our Millwork?

We only use the highest quality materials, ensuring our custom designs will withstand the wear and tear of well-lived homes. Our materials are locally sourced, allowing us to support other Canadian businesses while ensuring our high standards for our materials’ quality are always met. We take great care in every customized piece of millwork and have perfected our techniques to ensure a flawless finish on every project. Being locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves on every project component, being built and finished in our Edmonton shop. The same craftsmen responsible for building are the same team who install, ensuring that our attention to detail and quality remains constant throughout every project’s entirety. We pride ourselves on our millwork – wainscoting, coffered ceilings, crown mouldings, trim, casing – elevating the design and feel of any home.


Wainscoting is a design feature dating back centuries that consists of decorative boards or panels that extend up walls, adding texture and beauty to the visual structure of a space. With a tremendous variety of patterns, wainscoting richly decorates walls and adds striking details and individual character to any room.

Coffered Ceilings

This architectural style stands the test of time as one that delivers elegance and emphasis on spaciousness. Easily customizable to the style of any home, coffered ceilings draw the eye upward making walls seem taller. The finished product covers ceilings with three-dimensional sunken panels that provide the illusion of spaciousness and even absorb excess sound. At Scott Arthur, our coffered ceilings designs add a level of class and luxury to any space.

Unique Fireplace Designs

Mantelpieces add detailed decorative framework to fireplaces, instantly adding sophistication and elegance. As the focal point of a room, designing ornamental and artistic mantelpieces around fireplaces drastically transform the entire feel of a space. With a myriad of designs and the unmatched abilities of our talented team, Scott Arthur can help you create a mantelpiece that is completely unique to your personal style and tastes.

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