Drawer Construction

At Scott Arthur, the quality of our cabinetry extends to the construction of drawers. By using only the highest quality soft close runner systems from BLUM, our drawers are not only more aesthetically sleek but built to withstand the impact of repeated daily use. Unlike typical stock cabinetry from big-box retailers, which feature drawers glued together or enforced with a staple or lightweight nail, our boxes are reinforced with threaded screws or fitted together using a ‘dovetail joint’ to provide the ultimate structural rigidity.

Pocket Screw Drawers

Our pocket screw drawers are masterfully crafted and reinforced with threaded screws that secure the drawer box’s sides and the bottom. High quality, soft close drawer slides are then screwed into the bottom of the box, leaving a much cleaner appearance to the drawer’s overall aesthetics and ensuring the longevity of its construction. Once on-site, precisely cut and custom finished drawer fronts are screwed onto the drawer boxes’ faces making the pocket holes invisible. Although this form of drawer construction is more labour intensive than alternative methods, it provides the best structural rigidity and overall finished appearance.

White Melamine Pocket Screwed Drawer
Hardrock Maple Pocket Screwed Drawer

Dovetail Drawers

Dovetail drawers are a symbol of superior craftsmanship. Made of solid wood – birch, maple, walnut – dovetail drawers consist of interlocking “tails” on one side and “pins” on the other, cut at precise angles that fit tightly together, creating a high tensile strength. As with all our drawers, high-quality soft-close drawer slides are installed underneath the box, keeping the drawer’s sides clean and flawlessly displaying the distinctive patterned end of a dovetail joint – a visible mark of quality and workmanship.

Birch Dovetail Drawer
Solid Maple Dovetail
Walnut Dovetail Drawer

Customized Drawers

As a truly custom shop, we build drawers to perfectly suit your storage needs. From sectioned drawers that effortlessly keep prized CD collections neat to velvet inserts to keep jewellery and watches free from scratches, the storage possibilities that well-designed drawers offer are endless and vital to maintaining an organized home.  

Custom Sized Drawer
Stainless Steel Cutlery Drawer
Natural Wood Cutlery Drawer

TANDEMBOX Intivo Drawers

Morden and highly durable, TANDEMBOX Intivo Drawers are the ultimate choice for heavy storage needs and thoughtful organization. By combining BLUM premium metal drawer slides, featuring carrying capacities of up 65 kg, with a broad spectrum of side design profile materials and finishes, our tandem drawers offer innovative storage solutions while maintaining aesthetically striking designs.

Tandem Drawer Black
Tandem Drawer Mix
Tandem Drawer White