Our Process

We have a strong technical background in design and fabrication, in addition to perfecting a style that has become our signature trademark. Unusual materials, unexpected shapes and new innovative techniques allow us to create solutions in conventional ways. Today, our companies expertise shines through in its use of the most outstanding materials, all carefully treated by our craftsmen. We are blazing the trail for limitless experimentation into both aesthetics and function. Our continual technological research accompanies our passion for growing and providing industry-leading services. Scott Arthur’s expertise shines through in its use of beautiful, luxury materials, ranging from stone, marble, wood and metals.




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We honour tradition by raising the bar of excellence in our craft. Higher than yesterday but better tomorrow. To build for the ones that demand a high standard of living. We reflect our client's desires and take into full consideration their inputs when starting a project. We help our clients with strategy and design, all the way to fabrication and installation. Our experts inform clients every step of the way for results that are tailormade for every project.