Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, Vegreville Alberta

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Our custom millwork and cabinets can elevate the design and ambiance of any office space making memorable first impressions on potential clients. More than just sharp aesthetics though, we help design thoughtful work areas that are tailored to the specific needs of a business, providing better organization and overall productivity for companies throughout Alberta.

Our wonderful clients, who recently purchased the old Chrysler Dealership in Vegreville Alberta, know the impact that interior aesthetics have on the success of business, so we were thrilled when they asked us to design the perfect establishment for their family run company.

the Old Chrysler Dealership in Vegreville, Alberta
Walnut Cabinetry - Vegreville, AB



For their offices and large reception area, we designed six unique built-in-desks that included high quality, woodgrain melamine cabinetry, legal and standard filing drawers, keyed cabinets, stone countertops and open shelving displays. For their seventh office, we elevated the design a little more with walnut cabinets, metallic black lacquered accents, 1” thick shelves and a fluted office door.

The custom kitchen and bar area were designed to make hosting clients easy and comfortable. For a more rustic look, the solid walnut bar cabinets were finished with a natural lacquer that showcased the rich colour and beautiful natural knots of the wood. American Tin Panels were cladded to the ceiling and ship lack made from solid walnut was used as a back splash in the open display cabinets.  

The custom ceiling and wall - solid walnut slats - Vegreville Alberta
The custom ceiling and wall - built using solid walnut slats

Although we truly loved so many aspects of this project, our personal favourite of this full commercial renovation – The Boardroom. The custom ceiling and wall were built using solid walnut slats, each hand finished and mounted to metallic black lacquered panels. Photos just don’t do this one-of-kind ceiling justice but for those lucky enough to see this beautiful feature in person – it will most definitely leave a lasting impression.

Stay tuned for the finished photos of all the custom cabinetry and millwork from this Vegreville commercial building renovation!

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