Custom Cherry Guitar Cabinet

Everything we build is entirely unique to each of our clients, from our custom kitchens to our architectural millwork design. Although we are primarily known for our custom cabinetry, luxury closets and beautiful stone countertops – our talented craftsmen are also masters at creating beautiful, standalone pieces. This talent recently got displayed in the design and construction of a custom guitar cabinet that will soon become the home of a treasured guitar collection.

Custom Guitar Cabinet - Production - Details

Lined with Aromatic Raw Cedar and a built-in Cigar Oasis 3.0 Electronic Humidifier, this display unit is designed to maintain the ideal levels of humidity. Controlled through Wi-Fi, humidity levels in this custom unit can easily be monitored and adjusted through the client’s smartphone, ensuring these valuable guitars remain in pristine condition. The humidifier’s LED display is easily seen through the cabinet doors; however, the actual humidifier is hidden beneath a cedar grill on a lower shelf of the cabinet, allowing for perfect air circulation. As an added level of security, we also include Bluetooth Fingerprint Locks to the cabinet doors.

As important as protecting this valuable collection was, we also wanted the display to do justice to these beautiful guitars. We sourced Slingstring Guitar hangers from the US, which positioned each guitar perfectly, allowing for a clear view of each through the 3mm, airtight glass doors. We also installed LED, remote-operated lighting so that the client could easily showcase his collection without continually having to open the display cabinet doors, potentially affecting the humidity levels.

Cherry Guitar Cabinet - Details

This beautiful custom unit was finished with two coats of clear lacquer overtop the solid Cherry exterior, matte black cabinetry hardware and two lower soft-close drawers. Our talented team definitely deserves some praise for this one-of-a-kind, custom guitar cabinet.